Motors, Props And Some VelociDrone Flights

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Description: In the past episodes of drone camp, the six teams have been learning about what goes in to building their own drones. Part of the build involves binding and programming. Last episode, that was completed and now it's time to test the motors and add props. Testing the motors went quite smoothly. Some reactions to the motors were: "I was scared because they were going really fast." - Kedar "When I just heard brrrrrrrr, you're not expecting that." - Travis "I didn't think it was going to be that loud or that quick when I plugged the battery in." - Andrew W A quick prop lesson from Mike Bros, KING TeC Member and Drone Camp Coordinator, and the props are on. Before the kids take their first flight, they take a few turns in the VelociDrone, an FPV drone racing simulator. Strategies are made and advice is given. "The strategy really is move it side to side." - Connor "Just taking it slow and keeping it under control." - Matthew G "Moving it up and down to make it level." - Cody "I was starting slow so I could finish slow." - Jamison "So I decided to pre-turn before I actually had to go forward to the next hoop." - Will "Push up on the right stick as little as possible." - Travis Team One: Cody, Sam, Jamison and Evan Team Two: Nick, Alec, Mitchell and Cole P Team Three: Audrey, Matthew D, Kedar and Matthew G Team Team: Chandler, Connor, Will and Andrew W Team Five: Joey, Ben and Cole B Team Six: Andrew R, Travis and James More episodes of Drone Camp to come! Here, on Learn more about KING TeC

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