2017 Drone Video Awards - Category Winners

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Description: With over 33,000 aerial videos uploaded to AirVūz.com between January 1st, 2017 and December 15th, 2017, the Drone Video Awards were nothing short of spectacular. Our panel of judges here at AirVūz narrowed the selections down to 5 of the best drone videos and drone photos in each of the 13 categories. You, the AirVūz Community, chose the winners. DRONIE WINNER: There's No One Else - Wellington Rodrigues CITIES WINNER: Moscow Aerial 5K Timelab.pro - Timelab.pro RACING WINNER: DRONE RACING UNDERGROUND - JohnnyFPV PEOPLE WINNER: This is Yunnan - Face du Monde COUNTRIES WINNER: Awaken Iceland - mikebishop.tv TINY WHOOP WINNER: エアリアルヨガスタジオ-y+AERO-×-TINY-WHOOP-JAPAN - KatsuFPV LANDSCAPE WINNER: Perspective - jay worsely ANIMALS WINNER: Majestic Beast Nanuk - florian ledoux SPORTS WINNER: Dream... - PilotViking ORIGINALITY WINNER: Cardboard Cadet - chrisxgxc FREESTYLE WINNER: NURK's Flight of the Year // Trains, Bridges, Rapids, Mountains, Sunset, Gapping, Perching, Powerlooping - nurkfpv REEL WINNER: Drones are awesome - thisistilt Congratulations to all of our 2017 Drone Video Awards' Winners! Find out more about the AirVūz Drone Video Awards HERE.

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